Trip Reports

Mount Kennedy via Lime MesaMount Kennedy (13,125′)
07/14/2019Baldy Cinco Group – In Search of Summer“Baldy No Es Cinco” (13,313′), Baldy Cinco (13,383′), UN 13,162 A, UN 13,510 A
11/11/2017Snowdrift Peak – Rocky Mountain National ParkSnowdrift Peak (12,274′)
09/01/2017Laboring in the Weminuche: Rock Lake 13ers – by Ben ConnersMount Oso (13,684′), Irving Peak (13,218′), Peters Peak (13,122′), UN 13,222 A, “P 3” (13,300′), “P 2” (13,302′), “Mount Soso” (13,417′), UN 13,310, UN 13,340
07/23/2017Weekend in the Elks – Sleeping Sexton and Co.UN 13,336, UN 13,020 B, Willoughby Mountain (13,142′), UN 13,039, Sleeping Sexton (13,460′)
07/17/2017Wandering the Southern WeminucheSheridan Mountain (12,795′), Sheep Mountain D (13,070′), Point 13,105, aka “Peak 22”, Emerson Mountain – West, aka “Peak 21” (13,085′), Emerson Mountain – East (13,140′)
10/30/2016In Search of Snow in the Big Park – McHenrys PeakMcHenrys Peak (13,327′)
09/05/2016Uncompahgre – Back in the Saddle – by Collin TilbeUncompahgre Peak (14,309′)
08/07/2016Exploring the Neighborhood – Pagosa PeakPagosa Peak (12,640′)
07/22/2016A Dynamic Duo in the IPW – by DougMount Neva (12,814′), Jasper Peak (12,923′)
07/03/2016A Return to Chicago BasinJupiter Mountain (13,830′), Windom Peak (14,082′), Sunlight Peak (14,059′), Mount Eolus (14,083′), North Eolus (14,039′)
06/29/2016May and June’s Greatest Hits – Jacque to Music, and Some Extra CreditJacque Peak, Longs Peak, Otis Peak, South Boulder Peak, Bear Peak, Green Mountain, Savage, Peak, Music Mountain, Mount Orton
05/21/2016Elk Hunting at Church – By David YarianCathedral Peak (13,943′)
04/25/2016An Ohio State Alum and a Penn State Alum Walk Into a Bar – Kelso RidgeTorreys Peak (14,267′)
01/23/2016The Spanish Creek Redemption – Winter Kit CarsonKit Carson Peak (14,165′)
01/03/2016Make Columbia Great AgainMount Columbia (14,073′)
12/19/2015Mount ArkansasMount Arkansas (13,795′)
10/24/2015Taj’s Day OffSpencer Peak (13,087′), Grand Turk (13,160′), Sultan Mountain (13,373′)
10/04/2015A Mummy Kill-er Loop in the Big ParkMummy Mountain (13,425′), Hagues Peak (13,560′), Fairchild Mountain (13,502′), Ypsilon Mountain (13,514′), Mount Chiquita (13,069′), Mount Chapin (12,454′)
08/28/2015The Grenadier’s Finest – Vestal, Arrow & the TrinitiesVestal Peak (13,864′), Arrow Peak (13,803′), West Trinity (13,765′), Trinity Peak (13,805′), East Trinity (13,745′)
08/09/2015Tenmile Traverse in Photos – by David YarianMount Royal, Mount Victoria, Peaks 1 through 10
07/18/2015A Little More Gore – Silverthorne & East Thorn“Zodiac View” (12,505′), “Mount Silverthorne” – a.k.a Willow Benchmark (13,357′), “East Thorn” (13,333′)
07/05/2015Shake It Off: Sunday on The Sharkstooth – By David YarianThe Sharkstooth (12,630′)
06/26/2015The Presidential Traverse and BeyondMount Madison (5,367′), Mount Adams (5,798′), Mount Jefferson (5,717′), Mount Washington (6,288′), etc…
05/30/2015Emerald from Missouri Gulch – With a Side of Belford and LackawannaEmerald Peak (13,904′), Iowa Peak (13,831′), Missouri Mountain (14,067′), “Lackawanna” (13,823′)
12/27/2014Signal and South Signal MountainsSouth Signal Mountain (11,248′), Signal Mountain (11,262′)
12/13/2014An Island Among Giants: The SpearheadThe Spearhead (12,575′)
11/01/2014Keeping Copeland InterestingCopeland Mountain (13,176′)
10/17/2014Meandering the Divide: Bear Lake to PowellFlattop Mountain A (12,324′), Otis Peak (12,486′), Taylor Peak B (13,153′), Powell Peak (13,208′)
09/20/2014Fall in the Gore: Red and DemingRed Peak B (13,189′), “Deming Mountain” (12,902′)
09/11/2014Traversing the Clouds in the Never Summer MountainsLead Mountain (12,537′), Mount Cirrus (12,797′), Howard Mountain (12,810′), Mount Cumulus (12,725′), Mount Nimbus (12,706′)
08/14/2014Purgatory to Ruby: Pigeon, Turret and the Animas GroupPigeon Peak (13,972′), Turret Peak A (13,835′), Monitor Peak (13,695′), Peak Thirteen (13,705′), Animas Mountain (13,786′)
08/09/2014San Juan Summertime and the Livin’s Easy“Quarter Peak” (13,674′), Half Peak (13,841′), UN 13,832, UN 13,811
07/24/2014The 4 Pass Loop in Pictures, and Some Extra CreditUN 13,062 B (a.k.a. “Fravert Peak” and/or “Trail Rider Peak”), Buckskin Benchmark (13,370′), Unranked Pt 13,210
07/13/2014A Sunday Morning Stroll in the Tenmile: Pacific and AtlanticAtlantic Peak (13,841′), Pacific Peak (13,950′)
06/14/2014Kicking off the Summer in the Sangres: Mount AdamsUN 13,153, Mount Adams A (13,931′), UN 13,580 A
06/07/2014Taking the High Road: Hope & Quail from Willis GulchMount Hope A (13,931′), Quail Mountain (13,461′)
05/24/2014Casco Peak from Echo CanyonCasco Peak (13,908′)
05/10/2014April Showers Bring May Blizzards: Winter on HallettFlattop Mountain (12,324′), Hallett Peak (12,713′)
04/18/2014Traversing Trail RidgeTombstone Ridge (11,722′), Trail Ridge (12,355′), and Sundance Mountain A (12,466′)
03/23/2014Sunday on SilverheelsMount Silverheels (13,822′)
12/14/2013A Walk in the Clouds: Pagoda Mountain from Glacier Gorge Pagoda Mountain (13,497′)
08/04/2013The Journey Above 14K: The Colorado 14ersHandies Peak (14,048′)
05/18/2013No Walk in the Park: Meeker’s South Ridge From Wild BasinMount Meeker (13,911′)
12/29/2012Grays and Torreys From Loveland PassPoint 12,915, Cupid Peak (13,117′), Grizzly Peak D (13,427′), Torreys Peak (14,267′), Grays Peak (14,270′)
07/04/2012Timing is Everything – by Rob JansenSan Luis Peak (14,014′), Wetterhorn Peak (14,015′), Uncompahgre Peak (14,309′), El Diente Peak (14,159′)
06/21/2012A Long Weekend in Rocky Mountain National ParkChiefs Head Peak (13,579′), Mount Alice (13,310′), Longs Peak (14,255′)
01/02/2012Shuffling the Seasons on La Plata – A Winter First – by Rob JansenLa Plata Peak (14,336′)

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