Mount Arkansas

By the time I finish this trip report it’ll be calendar winter. TR’s on the .com have long since dropped off into hibernation. The forum posts almost seem intelligent and even respectful. Soon it will be Christmas and New Years and bowl games, oh my! Heck in 10 days it’ll be tax season, but who’s counting.

48 hours before the shortest day of the year, Brando, Kristine, Kona and I found ourselves in a small pull off just off Fremont Pass. The objective, bicentennial 13er Mount Arkansas. Unfortunately, there would be no blue snowflake for Kristine, but I think she still had a good time. 🙂

Who doesn’t like a 10 AM start.  Kristine and Brando, minus small child, plus sitter until 4, game on!
Skiers build excellent trenches.
This is what I look like with my snow shoes on. (Photo by Brandon)
This is what I look like when they come off. (Photo by Brandon)

Arkansas is a quickie. 5.5 miles round trip, 2,750′ vert, and little to no avy danger along the north ridge. This makes it a great short early season and/or winter outing, even in ankle breaker snow and a wind enema!

Nothing comes easy this time of year.
Ascending the north ridge. A lot like LaPlata.
The “crux” went swimmingly. (Photo by Brandon)

We opted to stay low to keep Kona bonona happy, but Brando, having done this route previously, mentioned that up and over is a fun little scramble.

Kona really wants a check mark and her swimming merit badge.

Told you it was a quickie…

Summit of Mount Arkansas (13,795″) – December 19, 2015
Summit of Mount Arkansas (13,795″) – December 19, 2015 (Photo by Brandon)
Summit of Mount Arkansas (13,795″) – December 19, 2015 (Photo By Brandon)
Summit of Mount Arkansas (13,795″) – December 19, 2015
Everywhere Brando goes, the Gore is watching.
Kona says look at myself in my argyle sweater! (Photo by Brandon)

And this happened. (Photo by Brandon)

Good times:

A look into the mind of a dog.
Kristine, “I don’t need no damn snowflake. What peak is this anyway?”
Parting shot.

Chalks, thanks for making this happen. Next outing, 2 post climb meals!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all. Cheers to the winter solstice and a safe 2016!

Thanks for reading.

9 thoughts on “Mount Arkansas

    1. Brando! Agreed, and way to long of a gap between outings. We’ll work on that in 2016 since Sawyer’s now ready for the San Juan Centennials. What a great morning with ya’ll! Looking forward to our 2 post climb meals and beers on the next one! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


    1. Steve, Merry Xmas! I remember you saying that once. There’s a pull off just past the bend after Fremont pass that’s fair game and even plowed! Got your email while I was in Nj over thanksgiving and am just now remembering that I never responded. I’m a terrible person. 😀Hope you partied hard over the holidays!


    1. Jennifer, thanks for the comment! We actually hit the ridge very early. A direct shot south from where you park. No wallowing in that drainage to the west. Most of the steeper section was windswept and it’s very short, probably low 30’s like you said and that one spot you see me going straight up is completely avoidable :). Pictures 1 through 4 are that initial slope to gain the ridge,


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