The 93 Ranked Peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park

RankPeakElevation (ft.)Date(s) ClimbedTrip Report
1Longs Peak14,25909-23-11, 06-24-12, 09-17-16Yes
2Mount Meeker13,91605-18-13Yes
3Chiefs Head Peak13,57706-22-12Yes
4Hagues Peak13,56510-04-15Yes
5Ypsilon Mountain13,51308-25-13, 10-04-15Yes
6Fairchild Mountain13,50910-04-15Yes
7Pagoda Mountain13,48812-14-13Yes
8Mummy Mountain13,420 10-04-15Yes
9McHenrys Peak13,330 10-30-16Yes
10Mount Alice13,31906-22-12, 08-01-15Yes
11Powell Peak13,19710-17-14Yes
12Copeland Mountain13,18311-01-14Yes
13Taylor Peak B13,15710-17-14Yes
14Ogalalla Peak13,15408-21-16 No
15Isolation Peak13,18811-09-13Yes
16 Mount Richthofen12,951
17East Desolation Peak12,949  
18Mount Julian12,928  
19Stones Peak12,925  
20Mount Ida12,900 06-03-17 No
21Elk Tooth12,872  
22Point 12,82012,820  
23Mount Howard12,81009-01-14Yes
24Mount Cirrus12,79709-01-14Yes
25Mount Cumulus12,74009-01-14Yes
26Hallett Peak12,72311-21-12, 05-10-14Yes
27Comanche Peak Wilderness Highpoint12,722
28Sprague Mountain12,709  
29Mount Nimbus12,70609-01-14Yes
30Mahana Peak12,64311-09-13Yes
31Andrews Peak12,565  
32Lead Mountain A12,53709-01-14Yes
33The Sharkstooth12,53107-05-15Yes
34Specimen Mountain12,489  
35Otis Peak12,48110-17-14, 06-01-16Yes
36Sundance Mountain A12,46604-18-14 Yes
37Mount Chapin12,45408-25-13, 10-04-15 Yes
38“Never Summer Peak”12,438  
39Tanima Peak12,433  
40Watanga Mountain12,381  
41“Trail Ridge”12,35504-18-14Yes
42Ptarmigan Mountain12,324  
43Point 12,30812,308  
44“North Specimen”12,307  
46Snowdrift Peak12,274 11-11-17 Yes
47Fall Mountain12,270  
48“Fleur de Lis”12,250  
49“Ptarmigan’s Beak”12,241  
50Lulu Mountain12,228  
51Nakai Peak12,216  
52Sugarloaf Mountain12,199
53Saint Vrain Mountain12,17506-02-13Yes
54West Stormy Peak12,14809-16-15No
55Mount Adams12,121  
56Thunder Mountain B12,060  
57“The Electrode”12,018  
58Mount Craig12,007  
59East Twin Peaks11,957  
60Marmot Point11,913  
61“Poudre Peak”11,860  
62“Roaring Peak”11,721  
63Jackstraw Mountain11,704  
64Meadow Mountain B11,63206-02-13Yes
65Bighorn Mountain11,464  
66East Twin Sisters Peak11,428  
67Mount Patterson11,424  
68Twin Sisters Mountain11,384  
69Mount Tileston11,257 12-10-16 No
70“Confluence Peak”11,220  
71Joe Mills Mountain11,078  
72“Pennock Peak”11,075  
73Estes Cone11,006 12-31-16 No
74“Gray Jay Mountain”10,965  
75Dark Mountain10,859  
76“Nutcracker Peak”10,855  
77Mount Wuh10,767  
 78Lookout Mountain10,729  
79“Lightning Peak”10,567  
80McGregor Mountain10,486  
 81Mount Wescott10,438  
82Green Mountain10,313  
83East Glacier Knob10,225  
84“Bushwhack Hill”10,192  
85“Thunder Peak”10,134  
86The Needles10,062  
87Deer Mountain10,013  
88 Sheep Mountain9,794  
89“Cascade Falls Point”9,723  
90Emerald Mountain9,237  
91“Gem Peak”9,140  
92Eagle Cliff Mountain8,906  
93Castle Mountain8.830  

2 thoughts on “The 93 Ranked Peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park

  1. why no Mt. Orton on this list? At 11k, seven hundred and something. Should rank, if you are including “points”, etc. Just got back from there, 9/10/18 with my son; wanted to ogle the giants to the north I climbed 30-40 years ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Steve, thanks for the comment. I’ve been MIA for a while. Sorry for the delay. 🙂 Orton is an unranked (named) peak since it’s basically a point on Chiefs Head’s north ridge and doesn’t have 300 feet of prominence. Sure is a great spot though as is everything around it as you know!


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