Meandering the Divide: Bear Lake to Powell

Peaks of the Park: Flattop Mountain A (12,324′), Otis Peak (12,486′), Taylor Peak B (13,153′), Powell Peak (13,208′)
Date: Ā October 17, 2014
Trailhead:Ā Ā Bear Lake – Rocky Mountain National Park
Distance: 17.8 miles
Elevation Gain: Ā ~ 6,000Ā feet
Participants: Ā Solo mission
Time: 8 hours

On Friday morning I woke up late, rolled into the “office”, moved the mouse, and with a little help from a picture on my desk, made a game day decision to go outside. For those of you that don’t know me, my profession is accounting (taxes to cut to the chase) and October 15th while it’s noĀ April 15th, can still be a huge pain in the @ss! A much needed break from the monotony was in order and Indian Summer was knocking on the door.

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April Showers Bring May Blizzards: Winter on Hallett

Zambo approaching the Continental Divide. Mother nature has other ideas.

It’s been quite a whirlwind of weather, outings and new climbing partnersĀ since gettingĀ back into the full swing of things. East Partner in the the Gores, New Mexico’s high point, Silverheels, Hagar, “The Citadel”, and a Crystal outing never to be spoken of again, just to name a few, and all within the past month or so.Ā With another cataclysmic weekend weather forecast, and a “ski” trip to the Elks and/or the Gores not exactly safe or logistically possibleĀ without a long wait at the carĀ for that guy on his snowshoes, Zambo and I decided it was bestĀ to stay closeĀ to homeĀ and hit the Park. Thoughts of Taylor Peak from Bear Lake danced in our heads. Along the way we could take in the views from Flattop, Hallett and Otis. Ā It had the makings to be a great morning if we could just get that small weather window that had beenĀ forecast for Saturday AM.Ā After much thought, we left for the Park and decided we’d get up to the Divide and play the restĀ by ear based on conditions. At the very least it would be time well spent getting to know the Zambino and there is technicallyĀ no such thing as a bad day in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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