Weekend in the Elks – Sleeping Sexton and Co.

Peaks: UN 13,336, UN 13,020 B, Willoughby Mountain (13,142′), UN 13,039, Sleeping Sexton (13,460′)
Date: July 21-23, 2017
Where: Elk Range
Trailhead: Maroon Lake (9,580′)
Participants: Brian Miller, Dillon Sarnelli

Map Overview.

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The 4 Pass Loop in Pictures, and Some Extra Credit

The obligatory group shot at Maroon Lake. From left to right: Dillon, Anna-Lisa, Ben, Lonni, Larry, Nathan, Laura, and Karen. Where’s Andrew Gordon?

Over the weekend I had the privilege of backpacking the 4 Pass Loop in the Elks with Benny, Anna-Lisa and a great group of friends from their church group. Having had a few days to reflect on the journey, many words come to mind; intense, amazing, beautiful, fun, just to name a few, but I think the word that conveys the journey best is special. The Maroon Bells – Snowmass Wilderness is in a class by itself and I thought it best to let the pictures tell the story.

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