Baldy Cinco Group – In Search of Summer

Don’t get me wrong, I like snow. I like it a lot actually. By mid July, however, I’m tired of falling down, sinking up to my elbows, and really just want to move quickly. If there was a magical place in 2019 in Colorado that could fulfill those 3 criteria, I was going to find it. Welcome to the La Garita Wilderness.

Snowdrift Peak – Rocky Mountain National Park

Snowdrift Peak in RMNP has been on my radar ever since a failed attempt in 2013. That outing was a classic example of how to unintentionally haze your friends when they travel out to Colorado. My buddy Brad, having just landed in CO from DC, found himself at the North Inlet TH at the crack of dawn on a bitter cold September morning ready to take on something called Snowdrift Peak with me. The first snow of the season came early and unexpectedly the night before. One of us may have been wearing trail runners. 8 miles in we were sitting at Ptarmigan Lake wondering why the lake was in the wrong spot. Later we would contemplate that maybe there weren’t actual trails in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Laboring in the Weminuche: Rock Lake 13ers – by Ben Conners

Mount Oso (13,684′) Irving Peak (13,218′) Peters Peak (13,122′) UN 13,222 A “P 3” (13,300′) “P 2” (13,302′) “Mount Soso” (13,417′) UN 13,310 UN 13,340 When: September 1 – 5, 2017 Where: Weminuche Wilderness Laboring in the Weminuche: Rock Lake 13ers – by Ben Conners