May and June’s Greatest Hits – Jacque to Music, and Some Extra Credit

05-06-16 – Jacque Peak
05-17-16 – Longs Peak – Keplinger’s Couloir
06-01-16 – Otis Peak
06-08-16 – South Boulder Peak, Bear Peak, Green Mountain
06-19-16 – Savage Peak – Savage Couloir
06-29-16 – Music Mountain
07-13-16 – Extra Credit – Mount Orton

Participants: Mat Ballay, Dillon Sarnelli

For most of the civilized world this year began¬†on January 1 when the clock struck midnight. For the few and not so proud who¬†call ourselves accountants, it kicked off¬†on April 15th at closing time. ¬†I had a lot of catching up to do, so when the mountains called, I went. And when your go to climbing buddy¬†has a few months to spare before moving and starting a new teaching job, well things set up very very nicely. Pardon the summary, but Mat and I went¬†on such a tear since Kelso that I really didn’t get¬†much time to sit and document any of it. I’ll keep this one¬†to highlights, pictures, and a good sense of humor.

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A Return to Chicago Basin

Peaks:¬†Jupiter Mountain (13,830′), Windom Peak (14,082′), Sunlight Peak (14,059′), Mount Eolus (14,083′), North Eolus (14,039′)
Dates: July 2-3 2016
Trailhead:¬†Purgatory Flats (8,740′)
Distance: ~ 40 miles
Elevation Gain:¬†~ 11,000′
Time: 36 hours
Group: Andrea Sansone, Andrew Hamilton, Charlie Nuttelman, Danielle Joy, Elizabeth Stevens, Dillon Sarnelli

My first trip into Chicago Basin was in the summer of 2013. Back then the objective was simple. Check off Colorado’s 4 most remote 14ers and make it safely back to the train in one piece. By all accounts the¬†weekend was a success, but one thing was certain. I’d be back in the Wemi sooner than later. Over the years that followed I’ve made¬†good on that promise, with each trip a constant reminder that¬†the¬†Weminuche, the granddaddy of all Colorado’s wildernesses, is hands down¬†in a class all by itself.

Recently¬†I had the privilege of sitting next to Elizabeth Stevens and Ryan Kushner at dinner during our annual reunion with the Jansen family. At the time Elizabeth mentioned she had 15 or so 14ers remaining and could use some partners¬†as Ryan would be off in Pakistan for 2 months climbing something I can’t even try to pronounce. ūüôā Not being one to ever really turn down a Wemi trip, I gladly accepted the invitation.

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An Ohio State Alum and a Penn State Alum Walk Into a Bar – Kelso Ridge

Normally I try to stick to¬†2¬†criteria¬†when writing a trip report: 1) Write about a peak that isn’t well traveled,¬†and 2) if possible,¬†try to keep it timely. Well, I guess I’m throwing protocol out the window on this one. ūüôā

That said, if you’re still here, thanks for reading and at the very least you’ll like the pictures!

Mat and I scrambled up¬†Kelso Ridge on Torreys at the end of April as a snow climb. It was a great¬†day out in the hills on a new route for both of us and the first¬†of 5 or so mountain outings we’d do¬†this spring.

I’ll preface this TR by saying that as an accountant, tax season gave me a good ass kicking this year. I had a few more outings this winter than the norm, but in all reality, my last big¬†day out was in January on KC with Natalie. I wouldn’t call Kelso Ridge a big day, but it sure was a fun day, an excellent mountain therapy session¬†with a great partner, and an outing that¬†helped me quickly remember why we do what we do out here.

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The Spanish Creek Redemption – Winter Kit Carson

Spanish Creek. For 48 hours it¬†remained untouched this winter until a brave and unsuspecting foursome¬†went to work during¬†the wee hours¬†of Christmas Eve. By noon we weren’t even approaching treeline. We never stood a chance. For the next¬†30 days¬†Spanish Creek¬†would remain untouched.

December 24, 2015 – Jeremy Kreis, Justin Martin, Will Coleman and myself make it to treeline after 7 hours of masochistic trench building.

Peak:¬†Kit Carson Peak¬†(14,165′)
Date: January 23, 2016
Trailhead:¬†Spanish Creek (8,260′)
Distance: ~11 miles
Elevation Gain: ~ 6,000 ft.
Participants: Natalie Moran, Dillon Sarnelli
Time: 16 hours

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