Taking the High Road: Hope and Quail from Willis Gulch

The view east along Lake Creek from the Willis Gulch TH.

In the state of Colorado, the word “Spring” can have many meanings. For my neighbors on Eliot Street, it means they can finally come out of their homes, sit on their porches, and wonder where I could possibly be off to next. For the friends┬áI travel these hills with, it’s the season they’ve been waiting for all year, a time to strap on the planks┬áand ski until the snow turns to grundle in mid to late June. For┬áothers, it’s straight up couloir season. And believe it or not there are actually people who just┬álike to snowshoe. I’m not sure I fit into any of these categories, but I always do love┬áthis time of year. Even┬ámore so this year than most,┬ádespite some of my recent solo nerd raging snowshoe┬ágrumblings! This spring was┬áundoubtedly a snowy┬áadventure, the beer always tasted good, the weather was guaranteed to be inaccurate, and┬áthe excellent company in the backcountry┬ámade each and every weekend something to look forward to. However, with all that said I may or may not have thrown my snowshoes into oncoming traffic last weekend, which brings us to this latest write-up!

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