Weminuche Wilderness – The 80 Ranked Peaks Above 13K

Hard RankPeakElevation (ft.)Date(s) ClimbedTrip Report
1Mount Eolus14,08307-14-13, 07-03-16Yes
2Windom Peak14,08207-13-13, 07-03-16Yes
3Sunlight Peak14,05907-13-13, 07-03-16Yes
4Pigeon Peak13,97208-15-14Yes
5Vestal Peak13,86408-28-15Yes
6Turret Peak A13,83508-15-14Yes
7Jupiter Mountain13,830 07-03-16Yes
8Jagged Mountain13,824
9Rio Grande Pyramid13,82107-05-14Yes
10Trinity Peak13,80508-29-15Yes
11Arrow Peak13,80308-28-15Yes
12Animas Mountain13,78608-16-14Yes
13West Trinity13,76508-29-15Yes
14Storm King Peak13,75208-29-16No
15East Trinity13,74508-29-15Yes
16Peak 613,705
17Grizzly Peak C13,700
18Peak 1513,700
19Monitor Peak13,695 08-16-14 Yes
20Mount Oso13,684 09-02-17 Yes
21Peak 713,682
22Mount Silex13,62808-29-16No
23White Dome13,627
24The Guardian13,617
25Peak 113,589
26Greylock Mountain13,575
27McCauley Peak13,554
28Peak 1113,540
29Leviathan Peak13,528
30Graystone Peak13,489
31Peak 313,478
32Peak 213,475
33Ute Ridge13,455
34Vallecito Mountain13,428
35“Mount Soso”13,417 09-04-17 Yes
36Peak 413,410
37Peak 913,402
38Mount Rhoda13,402
39Point 13,34213,342
40Point 13,340 B13,340 09-04-17 Yes
41Aztec Mountain13,310
42Point 13,31013,310 09-04-17 Yes
43Point 13,30813,308
44“P 2”13,302 09-03-17 Yes
45“P 3”13,300 09-03-17 Yes
46Electric Peak B13,292
47Peak 513,283
48“Fools Pyramid”13,278
49Knife Point13,265
50The Heisspitz13,262
51Point 13,26113,261
52Point 12,230 A13,230
53Point 13,222 A13,222 09-03-17 Yes
54“Weminuche Peak”13,220
55Irving Peak13,218 09-02-17 Yes
56Mount Nebo13,205
57Mount Valois13,185
58Point 13,16913,169
59Amherst Mountain13,165
60“Stony Pass Peak”13,165
61Twilight Peak13,158
62“Window Peak”13,15708-13-17No
63South River Peak13,148
64Peak 1213,140
65Hunchback Mountain13,136
66Peters Peak13,122 09-03-17 Yes
67Point 13,12113,121
68Point 13,11013,110
69Point 13,10913,109
70Point 13,10513,105 07-17-17 Yes
71Snowdon Peak13,077
72North Twilight Peak13,075
73Mount Garfield A13,074
74Sheep Mountain D13,070 07-17-17 Yes
75West Needle Mountain13,062
76“South Snowdon”, “N 2”13,046
77Organ Mountain B13,032
78Point 13,01713,017
79Chief Mountain A13,014
80Point 13,01013,010

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