A Mummy Kill-er Loop in the Big Park

Peaks of the Park: Mummy Mountain (13,425′), Hagues Peak (13,560′), Fairchild Mountain (13,502′), Ypsilon Mountain (13,514′), Mount Chiquita (13,069′), Mount Chapin (12,454′)
Date:  October 4, 2015
Trailhead:  Lawn Lake (8,540′) – Rocky Mountain National Park
Route: Counterclockwise loop beginning and ending at the Lawn Lake TH via Fall River Road
Distance: 26 miles
Elevation Gain:  9,100 feet
Participants:  Solo mission
Time: 13 hours (including a rain delay, snow delay, and a lot of gaping)
Human Sightings: 2 (descending Fairchild)
Pedobear Sightings: 0

The Park warden says winter is coming.

In a nutshell, this is basically taking Mummy Mania (or the Mummy Kill as it is often referred), removing the shuttle, and doing it backwards.  If you’re looking for a somewhat easier day, start at the Chapin Pass TH and have a vehicle and 6 pack waiting for you at the Lawn Lake TH. Otherwise, eat your Wheaties, start at the Lawn Lake TH, pack the headlamp, and leave a case of beer in the car.

Mummy Mania (noun): The standard route is a 16 to 18 mile traverse with ~ 6,000 vertical gain beginning at the Chapin Pass TH, continuing up and down 6 of the major summits in the Mummy Range (Chapin, Chiquita, Ypsilon, Fairchild, Hagues, and Mummy), and finishing at the Lawn Lake TH.

Doing it in reverse order: Add 3,000 vertical feet. Removing the car shuttle: Add 9 miles.

As with any outing, there are many variations. Some folks may add Rowe and Desolation. Some crazy bastards may add Rowe, skip Chapin and descend Blitzen on Yippy. 🙂 Being the traditionalist I am, I kept the route intact, but flipped it backward and left the car home. Hope this report is helpful!

Route Overview.
Mummy Mountain, the day’s first mission, as seen from the Lawn Lake Trail about 5 miles from the Lawn Lake TH. Good morning Rocky!
A right turn here onto the Black Canyon Trail, then bust a left after 1/4 mile and head for tree line. Trails? Where we’re going, we don’t need trails.
Mummy’s SW face on the ascent of it’s SE ridge.
Summit of Mummy Mountain (13,425′) – October 4, 2015.  7.5 miles and 4,900′ from the TH.
“The Saddle” front and center connecting Fairchild (L) and Hagues (R) as seen from the summit of Mummy Mountain.

Mummy to Hagues – 1.5 miles peak to peak and 600′ vertical gain from the low point.

The Hagues Peak (L) to Rowe Peak (R) traverse above Rowe Glacier. Hagues via both Rowes and Sugarloaf from Stormy Pass – on the bucket list for ’16.
Summit of Hagues Peak (13,560′) – October 4, 2015.
What is this, Utah?
Descending Hagues to The Saddle with Fairchild.
A look back at Hagues from The Saddle (12,398′).

I know you just asked, “Why does this dude keep capitalizing The Saddle?”  It’s not a typo.

Hagues to Fairchild – 1.5 miles peak to peak and 1,100′ vertical gain from The Saddle.

Summit of Fairchild Mountain (13,502′) – October 4, 2015.
Snow/hail/rain delay a few hundred or so feet below the low point along the ridge line between Ypsilon and Fairchild. Winter is coming.

Post weather delay I reascended back to the ridge to keep it a little entertaining. Fairchild to Ypsilon – 1.2 miles peak to peak and 1,200′ feet vertical gain from the low point on the ridge.

Summit of Ypsilon Mountain (13,514′) – October 4, 2015.
Looking waaay down the Yippy Y Couloir.

Yippy to Chiquita – 1 mile peak to peak and 820′ vertical gain from the saddle.

The rest of this TR is pretty much like being in a airplane, minus the airplane.

why not?
Summit of Mount Chiquita (13,069′) – October 4, 2015.
The Park monarch and Trail Ridge Road from the summit of Chiquita.

Chiquita to Chapin –  1 mile peak to peak and 400′ vertical gain from the saddle.

Summit of Mount Chapin (12,454′) – October 4, 2015. Unreal.
Summit of Mount Chapin (12,454′) – October 4, 2015.
A look back at Chiquita from Chapin.
Let’s go home.
Dude, where’s my car? 8.8 miles away.

Every year I need at least one day to reaffirm my appreciation for the big park we call Rocky. This was that day.

As always, thanks for reading!

The End


3 thoughts on “A Mummy Kill-er Loop in the Big Park

  1. Just plain awesome, Mr. Sarnelli. Not much else to say. You the man. Heck of a loop. Really good beat too. Hope to venture that a way someday with KO and this loop will be high on the priority list. Have a great time back east! Go Nittany Lions!


    1. Brando – Greetings from the east coast! Thanks buddy! Very high on my 2016 bucket wish list is a day in the Park with the Chalks and then the post climb pizza. We could even bring sawyer, but I’m not sure any of us will be able to keep up with her by then. Go PSU!!!!!


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